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Honey, Bee and Manuka
BeeNZ Kanuka Honey
BeeNZ Kanuka Honey
BeeNZ Kanuka Honey
BeeNZ Kanuka Honey

Although less well-known than its cousin, Manuka, Kanuka honey is equally outstanding with its naturally occurring anti-inflammatory properties. 

New Zealand Kanuka Honey 

From the same family as Manuka, the Kanuka flower is only found in New Zealand and produces a delicate, aromatic honey that is also used for skincare.

With proven anti-inflammatory properties, Kanuka Honey works wonders when used topically on skin & ingested.

A LITTLE DROP OF GOODNESS – BeeNZ Kanuka honey is recognized as a superfood with healing properties, and is ideal for adding to smoothies, hot drinks or off the spoon.

CRAFTED BY KIWIS – BeeNZ Kanuka Honey is lovingly crafted in the coastal town of Katikati in New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty.

VELVET GRADE TEXTURE – gently folded for 48 hours to reach velvet grade smoothness, thickness and texture.

BeeNZ Kanuka Honey

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